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This is the first in a series of articles introducing WordPress our web site design platform of choice. WordPress is web platform for developing and deploying all types of web sites. WordPress is the design platform we choose to use for all client web sites. It may seem somewhat limiting to only design/develop web sites on a single platform, but there are many and varied reasons why it makes lots of sense. Let’s share some of the ones that are most important for us.

The history

First a bit of history. Our team used WordPress from its earliest days. Back then it was just a fledgling fork (a new version of a software derived from another) of a then popular open source blogging platform called B3. When the first fork version of WordPress became available it offered several options not available in its predecessor. That along and the promise of regular updates got members of our team using WordPress as tool for personal blogging. At that time some knowledge of HTML (the display language of the web) was needed in order to make even the most rudimentary web sites. WordPress helped to lower the learning curves and made common HTML functions available. Over time WordPress grew from a simple blogging tool into a CMS (content management system) adding database functionality to store content, allowing it to be used to build complex sites. Now WordPress the web platform that it is today is used for all kinds of sites.

Fast forward to current day, and WordPress is used to power over a quarter of the web sites on the internet. Almost 77 million blogs worldwide run on WordPress. WordPress comes in two flavors. WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is an easy to use hosted platform for blogs and basic web sites. WordPress.com includes hosting and file storage. WordPress.org is the self hosted version, which requires a separate web host to store your files and data. Our team has extensive knowledge of both version and is ready to assist in designing a site using either one.

Not just for blogs

WordPress usage isn’t just for personal blogs or small business sites. Some big companies use WordPress to power their sites. Media sites like The Chicago Sun Times, the New York Post and BBC America, all use WordPress powered sites. Technology sites like TechCrunch and Slash Gear use WordPress. Entertainment sites for Beyonce, Sony Music and Variety magazine all use WordPress. Major business web sites like Walt Disney, Boston Market, Izod are powered by WordPress.

Our choice

As you can see WordPress is able to address a variety of web site needs. This was the main reason we choose WordPress as our design/development web platform. Stay tuned for the next post in our introduction to WordPress as a design platform.


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